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John Vogel

Music Instructor

I teach flute lessons, specializing in basic technique, note reading, composition, early classical studies, improvisation and extended technique. I graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a BFA in performance studies. I can’t begin to tell you what fluting has done for me. It is a tool for integrating the body and the mind, conceptual thought and emotions, and materializing the imagination. Although I believe in the importance of structure and technique, flute playing is a creative practice. Therefore, at an early stage I to teach composition and improvising of basic melodies and rhythms. Additionally, I try to teach students about alternate possibilities to the narrow conception of the Western flute. Sure, learning a musical instrument is not easy. It takes rigor and patience. Yet there are break throughs in learning as well as experiments that can lead to fun and fruitful discovery. I integrate fun projects into lessons and keep an ear open to students’ particular interests. More than anything, I steer away from containing or restricting a student’s enthusiasm about a particular subject or direction. Currently, I am completing an Artist Residency at No Nation art space and tangential laboratory in Wicker Park, Chicago. Recently, I went on a performance tour in Bogota, Columbia, where I performed alongside other artists in an interdisciplinary setting. Music is rewarding in that it can touch peoples’ hearts. I enjoy teaching because I love to see how different people approach the flute. Although there is such a thing as good technique, it is always interesting to hear a naive musician. Moreover, it is a great feeling to enable student’s to discover things for themselves. Ultimately, a student will become their own best critique, as well as the primary source of motivation. People have different reasons for learning a musical instrument. I am a flexible in my envisioning of what music means, yet my hope is that it becomes a way to nurture the Self, to create connections, and to be happy. Other than playing the flute, I am passionate about visual art, fashion design and skateboarding. To me, everything is musical. There is rhythm, color, and personal temperament in all forms of expression. Through music, I want to continue experiencing beauty and transform myself as a spiritual, emotional and thoughtful being. As a teacher, I want to guide and inspire students through their own journey. I hope we can use music to foster connections and make this world a more harmonious and accepting place.

Tutoring Subjects:
Flute Instructor

Bachelor’s Degree in Performance Studies from Art Institute of Chicago

Cities I Service:
Arlington Heights, Des Plaines, Glenview, Mount Prospect, Niles, Northbrook, Palatine, Park Ridge, Rolling Meadows, Skokie, Wheeling

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