Our Young Learners Program is for kids ages 3-5 that want to master the basic skills needed for preschool and kindergarten.  Children are like sponges and begin learning at a very young age.  It’s never too early to start learning and why not make it fun?  Our certified and qualified Early Learning Teachers will travel to your home to help teach your kids the skills they need to begin school in a fun, learning environment.

There are various developmental milestones that children ages 3-5 experience in their learning.  Children’s cognitive, social and emotional learning changes dramatically during this time period.  Their language, symbol usage, and memory greatly increases along with their notion of pretend play.  Many schools now expect children to know certain skills before they enter kindergarten such as letter and number recognition, writing basic letters and numbers, and starting simple sight words, just to name a few.

Below are the skills that our Young Learners Program will focus on:

Ages 3-4
Saying their name
Sorting objects by shape and color
Catching, throwing, and kicking a ball
Copying basic shapes
Drawing simple stick figures
Start writing letters
Using scissors correctly
Understanding the concept of “same” and “different”
Understanding the sense of time
Classifying objects by categories
Singing simple songs
Using sentences with about 5-6 words

Ages 4-5
Writing their first name
Knowing their name, address, phone number
Creative and artistic play
Reading together
Reciting nursery rhymes
Playing games that involve taking turns
Speaking in sentences in more than 5 words
Using future tense
Identifying everyday objects
Counting to at least 10
Recognizing patterns