Is your child having a hard time with reading? This is common for students of all ages and our tutors are trained to help assist your son/daughter! Learning to read is crucial for children of all ages because it helps develop the brain, improves writing skills, helps maintain focus, promotes creativity, and teaches children about the world around them.

“My daughter was really struggling with reading and we were worried about her progress in school.  I can’t tell you how happy I am with the tutor she’s working with from iAchieve Learning!  My daughter meets with the tutor weekly and she has improved a lot in reading over the past couple of weeks!”
– Dawn

Below are some common areas of concentration:

Phonics – This is one of the main building blocks in learning to read. Some students experience difficulty in developing the relationship between letters and sounds.

Reading Comprehension – Does your child have a hard time understanding what they read? Students often read too quickly and don’t take enough time to comprehend and process what they’ve read.

Fluency – Is your child reading at an age appropriate level? It’s important for students to be able to articulate what they’re reading so that they become faster, smoother and more expressive readers.

Vocabulary – Throughout grades K-12, students are taught many new words to expand their vocabulary. Reading depends on the comprehension of vocabulary and the rate to which they understand it.

Our tutors are available for Reading Tutoring and can offer:

  • Teaching phonic awareness
  • Helping students develop tools for reading comprehension
  • Techniques to assist with reading fluency
  • Strategies and practice with vocabulary

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