The SAT is a college admission aptitude test that measures reasoning and verbal skills. Many students will take the SAT during their junior year in high school and all colleges will accept both SAT and ACT scores.  The SAT tests critical reading, writing, math and has an optional essay section. iAchieve Learning offers private, customized SAT tutoring for students and we come to you! Choose one of our three SAT Test Prep packages depending on how much prep time you need and where you are in the process.

“I had never taken the SAT before and took a free practice SAT with iAchieve Learning at the library. On my practice test I got a 1220 which I was pretty excited about. I worked with a tutor for about 5 weeks and just took the real SAT for the first time and earned a 1470! My tutor was very helpful and explained strategies that I didn’t know.” – student from Park Ridge

What is the Format of the Digital SAT?

  • Module 1: Reading & Writing, 32 minutes, 27 questions
  • Module 2: Reading & Writing, 32 minutes, 27 questions
  • Break: 10 minutes
  • Module 1: Math, 35 minutes, 22 questions
  • Module 2: Math, 35 minutes, 22 questions

Our Approach to SAT Test Prep

1. Take a Free Digital Practice SAT Test

We highly recommend that any students just starting the test prep process first take a free digital practice SAT test to determine their baseline score.  If you are local, we offer these for free each month at the Des Plaines Library and below is the link for you to register.  If you are not local or wish to get started sooner, then please contact us and we are happy to have the digital practice SAT test sent to your child.  Each student can take a free digital practice test one time and once they take the practice test, we will email you the results along with a detailed score report within 1-2 days. We also offer families a free phone consultation to go through and analyze the results and to determine which test will be a better fit for them.

Register here to take a free digital practice SAT test at the Des Plaines Library

If you would like to take one of our free practice tests, please click the link below to contact us with your name and address!

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2. Choose one of our 3 Test Prep Package

iAchieve Learning offers 3 different SAT test prep packages for students. Each package is customized to the individual student’s needs. Our instructors focus on content review and mastery, proven test-taking strategies, and implement homework drills, mini-quizzes and additional practice tests. Our Test Prep Specialists work with families to create a schedule that leads up to the test dates that the student is aiming for and that works for the student’s current schedule.

3. Course Materials

With each package, students will have access to our extensive Online Test Prep Portal and the Portal contains an online digital workbook for students to use. The Online Test Prep Portal has video solutions for every single problem in the textbook, it tracks the student’s progress on all assignments and practice tests, and sends parents email updates. iAchieve Learning also provides many additional supplemental materials such as a Math Formula Packet, an SAT Strategies Guidebook, English grammar review, and more!

4. Lesson Structure

Our experienced Test Prep Instructors will create customized lesson plans that revolve around strengthening the student’s weaknesses while also building upon their strengths. For each one hour that the student is with their instructor, they will receive around 60+ minutes of homework to do for the next session.

Sample SAT Lesson:
Go over homework from previous session
Writing Unit #2 Grammar
-Adjectives vs. Adverbs
-Verb Tense
-Subject Verb Agreement
Review SAT Writing Strategies
Writing Quiz #4
Homework: Writing Unit #2 Homework Drills #1-3, Writing Quiz #5, Digital SAT Practice Test #1

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SAT Test Dates and Deadlines

SAT Test DateRegistration DeadlineWhen to Start Preparing
March 9, 2024 - Digital SATFebruary 23, 2024December 2023
May 4, 2024 - Digital SATApril 19, 2024February 2024
June 1, 2024 - Digital SATMay 16, 2024March 2024

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Why Choose iAchieve Learning for SAT Prep Tutoring?

  • One-on-one SAT Prep instruction to ensure immediate results
  • Our tutors have extensive SAT Prep Tutoring experience
  • Affordable prices and packages
  • We create flexible schedules to serve your needs
  • Reduce test anxiety and help build student confidence
  • iAchieve Learning offers 3 packages for SAT Prep. Each session is 1 or 1.5 hours and our tutors will teach test taking strategies, time management techniques, design individual lessons based on student weaknesses, and provide SAT Practice Tests.

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