What is Academic Coaching and Executive Functioning Skills?

Academic coaching is for students who struggle with executive functioning skills.  These skills enable students to be able to plan, organize tasks, focus, manage their time, and self-regulate.  Some students have difficulty with executive functioning and become very anxious about schoolwork and how to manage their time wisely.  We provide one-on-one coaching sessions and/or executive functioning for small groups for students.  Our Academic Coaches will either come to your home or meet at the library for the sessions.

How do you know if your child needs Academic Coaching?  Read our pointers below and then take our quiz to find out!

Children with Executive Function issues tend to:

  • Forget to do homework
  • Have trouble planning projects
  • Have difficulty remembering details
  • Not know how to manage their time
  • Have trouble paying attention
  • Lose things

Our Academic Coaches with Focus On:

1. Time Management
2. Organization
3. Reading Strategies
4. Note-Taking Tips
5. Test Taking Strategies
6. Study Strategies
7. Procrastination
8. Motivation
9. Goal Setting
10. Stress management

Here’s what our Academic Coaches can offer:

  • Prioritize daily and weekly homework assignments
  • Help break down school projects into smaller tasks
  • Organize folders, binders, and backpacks
  • Teach reading strategies, note-taking tips, and test-taking strategies
  • Create short and long term academic goals
  • Reduce anxiety and teach stress management techniques for all ages
  • Boost student’s confidence levels and provide ongoing motivation
  • Teach how to become successful, life-long learners