Singing Lessons

“The only thing better than singing, is more singing.” – Ella Fitzgerald

The voice is one of the most unique musical instruments because it can produce such a wide variety of sounds and pitches and you don’t even need to lug around an extra piece of equipment! Many people do not know how to train their voices properly and really need the help of a professional to guide them on their way.

“My daughter has always loved to sing and she’s very interested in getting involved at the musicals at her school.  One of my friends recommended getting her a vocal instructor.  Her vocal  instructor from iAchieve Learning is absolutely wonderful!” – Tammy

 Why do you want to sing?

  • To receive instruction from a professional on how to improve
  • To join a choir or other singing group
  • To learn how to sing different genres of music
  • To learn jazz and improvisation
  • To prepare for an upcoming show or musical
  • To entertain people

 Here’s What Our Voice Instructors Offer:

  • The fundamental building blocks of music – music theory, how to read music, scales, chords, chord progressions and rhythm
  • A variety of genres of music to sing – classical, folk, jazz, pop, musical theater, and more!
  • Proper body posture, breathing techniques, and pitch
  • Ear training
  • Specific vocal exercises and techniques tailored to the individual student’s needs

iAchieve Learning offers voice lessons to beginner students up to advanced students. Students can sign up for either hour or half hour sessions per week and the lessons are catered to the student’s ability levels and interests.   We will pair you up with the teacher that fits your learning style and goals.

Attendance policy:

Our instructors have reserved time slots for each individual student and it’s very important that you attend every voice lesson scheduled. Our policy is that if you need to cancel or reschedule a lesson, you must contact iAchieve Learning within 24 hours of the lesson, or else you will be charged.

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