Let us help make learning easier
for your son/daughter.

We provide Online Tutoring and In-Person Tutoring!
Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, iAchieve Learning offers online tutoring for all ages and subjects.  We want to ensure that all students are continuing with their learning and are not falling behind.  Families have been severely impacted by the Coronavirus and iAchieve Learning has many wonderful educators here to assist through this challenging time.  We understand that students need a consistent routine and we want to help maintain that normalcy for them.

We provide online tutoring through both Skype and Zoom where students can meet face-to-face with their instructor and receive the same help and support as they do in person.

We also provide in-person tutoring for families that live in the Chicagoland area but we have very limited availability since the majority of our instructors live in various different states.

“I really like doing online tutoring with my tutor!  Every week she helps me go through and understand the math that I’m currently learning.  Being in class right does make it hard for me to understand math and I really look forward to seeing my tutor each week!” – Abby, student from Park Ridge

iAchieve Learning provides tutoring services for grades K-12 for the following subjects:

Tutoring provides focused study time for students.

Many students need a quiet place to study and do their homework that is free of distractions. Tutoring is a great way for children to devote a given period of time to their education with the guidance of a trained professional adult.

Students receive one-on-one help from a trained tutor.

Classes at school can have up to 30 students in there at one time. There is not enough time for one teacher to spend a significant amount of time with each student individually. Tutoring provides that special time in which students can get the help that they need that they don’t normally receive in the classroom.

Tutoring helps develop studying skills

Working with a tutor provides the opportunity for students to learn new study skills, techniques and strategies that they can use to become successful learners.

It’s a dedicated time to prepare for an upcoming exam.

Some students need extra guidance when preparing for an upcoming important exam. Having a tutor will benefit the student because the tutor can identify the strengths and weaknesses of the students and know what concepts each student needs more help with.

Students are able to work in a comfortable learning environment.

It’s common for students to be shy in the classroom and not want to ask questions in front of the entire class for fear of feeling stupid or wrong. The tutors will provide a relaxed and happy working area so that each student can ask any questions they want and not feel scared.

Students are able to get ahead!

There is a competitive drive in a lot of schools and in a lot of students. Why not have your son/daughter work with a tutor to get ahead of the class and challenge themselves?!

Get ahead of the game and take a look at our Summer Programs!
iAchieve Learning offers discounted Summer Tutoring Packages through the months of June – August.

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