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Don’t let your child fall behind this summer!

Take a look at all of our great summer options! Help your children get ahead and stay on track for the following school year. Summer is a time for children to take a break and relax. But learning does not have to stop or interfere with their summer break. Our summer tutoring will help provide an enriching experience for any subject, that will be enjoyable and that coordinates with your summer schedule.

“My 9 year old daughter has been having a really hard time with both math and reading and I was concerned about her falling behind over the summer.  We contacted iAchieve Learning and signed her up for one of the Summer Packages and I so thankful for the help and great progress that she made!”
– Pam

Our Summer Tutoring programs are perfect for:

  • Students that have been affected by the coronavirus.
  • Students that want to get ahead.
  • Students that failed a class and need extra guidance.
  • Students that are currently taking a summer school course and need the extra assistance.
  • Students that need to prepare for the ACT or SAT.
  • Students that want to learn something new.

Studies have shown that:

  • If students don’t practice academic skills over the summer, they lose them.
  • Keeping students on a regular, regimented routine during the summer will help them develop good studying habits causing them to be overall better students.
  • Math is one of the biggest subjects affected and students can lose about 2.6 months of skills learned during the school year by not practicing them over the summer.
  • Children greatly benefit from parents that are involved with helping their children enroll in some type of reading and/or writing program over the summer.
Summer Scholar
Best Value!
30 hours: 1-1 Tutoring
This is a great plan for families that have multiple students that need tutoring. This plan is also beneficial for a student who needs a lot of extra assistance in one or more subject areas or who is taking summer school and needs help with fast paced courses. The student would meet with the instructor around 3 times per week.
Academic Achiever
20 hours: 1-1 Tutoring
This plan is ideal for a student who needs extra help in a particular subject area or who is taking summer school and needs to meet around twice per week.
Leisurely Learner
10 hours: 1-1 Tutoring
This plan is great for individual students who want to meet once per week to get assistance with academic skills so that they don’t lose them over the summer.

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Other Summer Options:

1:1 Customized ACT and SAT Test Prep

If your son or daughter is just beginning the test prep process, then we highly recommend our 1:1 customized test prep packages.  The best time for students to begin would be the summer going into their junior year because this is when students have less going on and are not as stressed.

The first step would be to have your child take one of our free practice ACT and SAT tests to determine which test is the best for them moving forward.  We are currently offering in-person practice tests at the Des Plaines Library and you can click the link below to register.  If you want to start sooner, cannot make one of the dates, or do not live in the area, then please contact us and we can send home to you the free practice ACT and SAT tests.

Register for one of our FREE Practice ACT or SAT Tests!

Learn about our ACT and SAT Test Prep Packages!

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