Science is an important part of the school curriculum and involves many different topics as students progress from grade to grade. During elementary school, students learn how to observe, draw conclusions, learn units of measurement and science vocabulary. As they get older they will focus more on gathering and studying data, developing hypotheses, and drawing conclusions based on scientific evidence. This can be overwhelming and our tutors can help make the learning process smoother for your child.

Here’s what our Science Tutoring offers:

  • Problem solving skills for all grades and ages
  • Quick tips and tricks to help students understand science concepts
  • Test taking strategies to help students with their science assessments
  • Unique studying techniques
  • How to communicate correctly with science, both verbally and in writing

Our Tutors are available for Science Tutoring for these subjects:

  • Elementary Science
  • Junior High Science
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

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