Learn How to Craft the Perfect College Essay

Most major colleges will require students to submit a college essay as part of their application process.  This can be an overwhelming experience for students and we are here to help!  iAchieve Learning offers College Essay Writing Packages for juniors and seniors to help them craft their perfect essay and ensure that it stands out from the rest.

When students are writing their college essays, or personal statements, they really want their voice and story to shine through and they only have a couple of hundred words to do this.  We recommend starting early on this, either during the spring of junior year or the summer going into senior year.  This gives students plenty of time to create an outline, write, get feedback and perfect it.

Here’s What our College Essay Packages Include:

  • Identifying what the prompt really wants from you
  • Help with narrowing down and finalizing your main topic
  • Creating and utilizing an outline
  • How to make your essay really stand out
  • Regular feedback from a professional tutor on all punctuation and grammar

Our College Essay Writing Packages

iAchieve Learning offers two College Essay Writing Packages that both include a combination of in-person tutoring sessions and email reviews.  One email review consists of a student sending the tutor their draft and then the tutor responding back with comments, corrections and feedback.

#1:  Diamond Package

  • 3 In-person meetings – 60 minutes each
  • 6 email reviews

#2:  Silver Package

  • 1 In-person meeting – 60 minutes
  • 3 email reviews

Additional meetings and/or email reviews can be added on for an extra fee.