We are here to help alleviate all of the stress that goes
into the college preparation process and help save you money!

The college planning process is an exciting time for any student but, without the proper guidance, it can turn into a stressful endeavor.  Through our comprehensive program and partnership with The Collegian Group, families and students can get the support that they need to meet all deadlines and stay on track with their college planning.

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“The team at Collegian Group approaches the ‘financial planning’ part of the college
search process as an opportunity for cost savings instead of an exercise most
families fear and avoid for as long as possible.  My family saved thousands of dollars
in education costs because we had an expert on our team with the Collegian Group.” – Shari S.

One-on-one College Counseling and Planning

College planning begins with the relationship that we develop with our families the provides them with a single source for all your college planning needs.  Our programs are designed to navigate students and their families through the entire college planning process.  We like to begin working with you student as early as mid-Freshman year to develop a comprehensive plan that helps to minimize stress through the high school years. Our college planning services are tailored to meet your needs in all aspects of the college planning process.

Here’s What Our College Planning Services Offer:

  • Support in completing applications
  • How to obtain letters of recommendation
  • Writing college essays
  • Determining potential “right fits” for you
  • Preparing for college visits
  • Going through the college interview
  • Course selection
  • Review of academic records
  • Information about financial aid
  • FAFSA Completion Support
  • Obtaining maximum tuition discounts (merit aid and/or scholarships)
  • Financial review

Why Work with a Professional College Planner?

They Provide Support and Guidance
Preparing for college and all of the details that are involved can be very overwhelming for students.  Many students need an outside source to provide them support and guidance as they make the many decisions that are needed when researching schools and applying to them.

Assist in Family Communication
Some families have a hard time agreeing on decisions that need to be made with the college process.  The College Counselor will help bridge the gap of communication by listening to both the student’s and parent’s ideas and wants, and help them come to an agreeable decision.

Take the Guess-Work out of College Planning
Save a lot of time and frustration by working with a top-notch professional!  Our College Counselor is an expert in their field and can help provide students and families the most recent and up-to-date information about colleges and careers.

“Collegian Group did a great job helping my daughter with the appeals
process at Yale University resulting in an annual $38,000 award!  I couldn’t have
navigated the process without their help.  Thank you Peter!” – Cynde M.

“As parents of four children with the oldest being twins and heading off to college
at the same time, Collegian was recommended to us by a friend.  Peter was able to
provide us with strategies and techniques that enabled us to navigate through the
college application and selection process, as well as the financial piece.
Peter is an expert on the ‘ins and outs’ from the early stages through graduation
and many of his tips worked for us!” – Sharon H.

Meet Peter Herman!
Since 1996, Peter has been assisting families with their college planning needs and is the founding member of Collegian Group, LLC. Prior to that he was in the Financial services business.

Read more about him here!