French Horn

“I can’t tell you how many horn players I’ve talked to over the years who have said, “If I can just get that first note out, then I’m alright after that –“  Philip Myers

The French horn is part of the brass family and is known for its deep sound and wide variety of ranges of sounds.  It is made from metal tubing that is wrapped into a spiral that is around 20 feet long!

Why do you want to play?

  • To start off as a beginner and become progressively awesome at it
  • To learn the basics of music
  • To play for relaxation and enjoyment
  • To play with an orchestra
  • To learn jazz and improvisation
  • To perform with other band members
  • To entertain people

Here’s what our French Horn Instructors Offer:

  • The fundamental building blocks of music – music theory, how to read music, how to play scales, arpeggios and learning rhythm
  • The correct ways to practice in order to see growth and development
  • A variety of genres of music to play – classical, jazz, pop, rock, blues, musical theater and more!
  • Proper posture and hand positioning
  • Ear training and intonation, learning how to tune your instrument
  • Etudes and solos that help with technicality and musicality
  • Finger drills and techniques to acquire dexterity and make you a more technical player

iAchieve Learning offers French horn lessons to beginner students up to advanced students. Students can sign up for either half hour sessions or full hour sessions per week and the lessons are catered to the student’s ability levels and interests. We will pair you up with the French horn teacher that fits your learning style and goals. It is highly recommended that you either purchase or rent a French horn in order to be successful and have ample time to practice outside of lessons.

Attendance policy:
Our instructors have reserved time slots for each individual student and it’s very important that you attend every French horn lesson scheduled. Our policy is that if you need to cancel or reschedule a lesson, you must contact iAchieve Learning within 24 hours of the lesson, or else you will be charged.

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