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Preparing for the ACT and Digital SAT is a critical time for high school students and can be very overwhelming. Our tutors will provide guidance and customized lessons for each student that caters to their specific needs. They will go above and beyond to make sure that the student they’re working with will be successful and feel confident when they walk in to take the test. During the sessions the tutor will focus on reviewing content, providing test taking strategies and proctor practice tests. iAchieve Learning has over 10 years of specialized experience in ACT and SAT test prep, dedicated to helping students succeed.

“My tutor at iAchieve Learning really helped me prepare for the ACT.  I had taken the ACT once and after help from my tutor, my score improved by 6 points!” – Anonymous

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ACT and Digital SAT Testing

The Digital SAT, set to be introduced in March 2024, is a computerized adaptive test featuring two sections: Reading & Writing, and Math. Each section is split into two equally long modules, with a 10-minute break between the Reading/Writing and Math sections. Depending on the student’s performance in the first module, the difficulty level of the second module will be adjusted. Although the Digital SAT is slightly shorter than the ACT at 2 hours and 14 minutes, the test has a more relaxed pace, allowing students more time per question.

Format of the Digital SAT:
Module 1: Reading & Writing, 32 minutes, 27 questions
Module 2: Reading & Writing, 32 minutes, 27 questions
Break: 10 minutes
Module 1: Math, 35 minutes, 22 questions
Module 2: Math, 35 minutes, 22 questions

The ACT, on the other hand, has four sections: English, Math, Reading, and Science. Currently the ACT is only available in a pencil-and-paper format.  The ACT is longer than the Digital SAT at 2 hours and 55 minutes, including a ten-minute break between the math and reading sections. However, it is a faster-paced test when compared to the Digital SAT.

Format of the ACT:
English section: 45 minutes, 75 questions
Math section: 60 minutes, 60 questions
Reading section: 35 minutes, 40 questions
Science section: 35 minutes, 40 questions
Essay: 30 minutes (optional)


Main Differences Between the Digital SAT and ACT:

  1. The ACT is a paper-and-pencil test while the SAT is taken on a computer
  2. The Digital SAT test is adaptive meaning that the questions that are given to students in Module 2 are dependent on how they performed in Module 1.
  3. The Digital SAT is shorter in length than the ACT
    4. The ACT has a Science section while the Digital SAT does not. The Science section on the ACT does not directly test science information. It’s basically an extra reading section in which students have to analyze charts, tables, and graphs.
  4. The ACT has an optional essay part of their test while the Digital SAT does not. Check with the colleges that you are applying to to see if the essay part of the ACT is required for submission.
  5. The Digital SAT is scored out of 1600 points while the ACT is scored out of 36 points.

Should I Take the ACT or SAT?

Colleges don’t care which test is submitted so it’s important for students to pick one of the two tests to focus on, instead of studying for both.  The best way to decide which test to prep for is to have students take both a free practice ACT and digital SAT test and iAchieve Learning offers two different ways for students to take a practice test.

1. If you are local, we offer them for free each month at The Des Plaines Library in Des Plaines, Illinois.  We take 12 students per practice test and students can sit in a room and take the test in a simulated environment as to when they take the real test.  Click here to register for an upcoming ACT or Digital SAT Practice Test!

2. If you are not local or cannot make one of the free practice test dates, then you can contact us so that we can mail home to you the free practice test(s) (offered only in the US).  Contact us here if you would like a practice test mailed home to you.

How to Prepare for the ACT or Digital SAT

When planning on studying for the ACT or SAT, it’s extremely important to prepare early!  These are not the types of tests that you can cram for.  The more time you spend regularly preparing for the ACT and SAT, the better you’ll perform.  If a student is taking one of these tests for the first time, they need to get practice on all sections of the test and it’s especially important that they take the time to correct and review all wrong answers.   We recommend that students take around 3-6 months to fully prepare so that they can see a significant score increase and that they plan to take the real test anywhere from 2-4 times. As a rule of thumb, we recommend students spend at least 24 hours preparing for the ACT or SAT if they’re taking it for the first time.

Benefits to Preparing Early:

  • More time to prepare and not cram
  • Minimize stress during your junior year
  • Additional test dates to choose from
  • Increase your confidence level

Remember, each student learns differently and has their own strengths and weaknesses.  Our tutors will work with you to determine these strengths and weaknesses and help create a flexible schedule in order for you to be successful!

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