Students often encounter roadblocks when it comes to the writing process.   Elementary school children can experience difficulty with spelling and grammar while older students may experience difficulty organizing their ideas and developing a well written paper. Writing is important for students because it improves communication and encourages creativity and expression.   Our highly qualified tutors know how to walk students through the writing process and guide them through the areas in which they are struggling.

“We hired a tutor for my 10 year old son and she works with him on both reading and writing, phonics, comprehension, sentence writing, punctuation, grammar and penmanship.  My son was hesitant at first but his tutor has been extremely patient, fun and supportive.  It’s a great fit!” – Sharon

Our tutors are available for Writing Tutoring and focus on:

  • Practice with vocabulary and grammar
  • Teaching fundamental writing skills
  • Providing note-taking strategies
  • Assistance in developing an organized paper
  • Reading through and analyzing rough drafts
  • Research techniques

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