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Is your child having trouble in Spanish, Italian, French or German? Let our tutors step in and provide the help that your son/daughter may need to become a well-rounded speaker, reader, and writer.

Many students can be intimidated by learning a foreign language and not feel comfortable speaking the language in front of their classmates. Classes can be fast paced and students can get lost very quickly in all of the new vocabulary and grammar of a foreign language.   Some young learners may have trouble with the basic vocabulary and reading of a new language while older students may have trouble with speaking fluently and being able to write gracefully.

Here’s what our Foreign Language Tutoring can offer:

  • Practice with vocabulary to strengthen the basic skills
  • Helping develop confidence in speaking ability
  • Strategies with reading authentic materials in a particular language
  • Writing tips and tricks to encourage grammar and fluency
  • A fun learning environment to appreciate these unique languages

Our tutors are available for Foreign Language Tutoring on these subjects:

  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • French
  • German

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