iAchieve Learning is now offering educational and intellectual testing to our list of services in order to better serve our clients. We have partnered with clinical psychologist Dr. Kati Guada to perform a range of assessment measures and write integrated reports with specific recommendations based on our students’ individual needs.

Who can benefit from testing?

  • Students who need extended time on tests.
  • Students who require other special classroom accommodations.
  • Students who are struggling to learn at the same rate as peers.
  • Students who want to be evaluated for acceptance into a gifted program.
  • Students who are doing well in classes though struggle to perform well on tests.
  • Students whose anxiety is impacting learning.
  • Students whose school performance has declined compared to previous performance.
  • Students who are performing below expected level in one area of academics compared to other areas.
  • Students who are not able to read at the same level as peers.
  • Students who are not able to perform mathematical skills at the same rate as peers.
  • Students who are having difficulty with visual motor skills.
  • Students who are having difficulty with verbal expression and communication.
  • Students who are having difficulty with focus and attention (ADHD screening).
  • Students who are having difficulty regulating their emotions and behaviors in home and/or in the classroom.

Explanation of testing process

The main purpose of testing is to better understand what is impacting an individual’s academic performance or emotional/behavioral changes. Often times students demonstrate signs of struggle, although there are no obvious explanations as to why they are struggling. By performing tests that tap into different aspects of functioning, Dr. Guada can explain students’ personal strengths as well as areas for further growth. Testing allows for specific recommendations to be made with the goal of setting our clients up for the highest possible level of success in their academic futures. If you are not sure if your son/daughter would benefit from testing, feel free to contact iAchieve Learning at 847-682-6116 to set up a free consultation.

What types of tests are used?

  • IQ (taps into raw cognitive abilities)
  • Achievement (assesses classroom related skills)
  • Emotional screening (individual forms filled out by student, teacher and parent)
  • Visual Motor screening (assesses for developmental disorders and neurological damage)
Dr. Kati Guada, Psychologist at iAchieve Learning Owner of Guada Psychological Services PC
Dr. Kati Guada, Psychologist at iAchieve Learning
Owner of Guada Psychological Services PC

How long does the testing process take?

The actual testing takes between four to six hours. Typically, this is done in one day, although some people prefer to break the testing into two separate sessions. After testing is completed, Dr. Guada will score the tests and write the report, which takes two weeks. When the report is finished, Dr. Guada will meet with you for a feedback session and explain the findings as well as answer any questions you might have. Dr. Guada is able to advocate for a student who is tested in any way necessary, for example attending a school meeting where the student’s needs are discussed. This is included in the total fee for testing.