Students need to be informed about the world around them and to be able to function in a diverse, growing society. Social science and history teachers young learners about the environment and the world, how to interact with people in a community, how to make good decisions as a citizen, and to understand the many major events that have happened in our world. Some young learners struggle with understanding the Earth’s physical systems and the different levels of government and how it operates. Or maybe they have trouble distinguishing between the multiple historic events and their causes and effects. Older learners may experience difficulty understanding foreign policy and the political system as well as analyzing and explaining the impact of economic growth.

Here’s what our History Tutoring offers:

  • Techniques used to read and analyze social science and history texts
  • Skills for writing high-quality essays that revolve around social science and history topics
  • Helping students solve problems with reason and evidence
  • Test taking strategies for both multiple choice and short essay exams

Our tutors are available for History Tutoring these subjects:

  • Elementary social studies
  • US History
  • World History
  • Geography
  • Government
  • Economics

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