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Our goal is to work above and beyond to help students of all ages reach their highest learning potential. Every student learns at a different pace and has their own unique strengths and weaknesses. Our tutors and instructors are trained to recognize these and help prepare a learning plan to help your child succeed.  We do provide both in-person and online tutoring but the majority of our sessions are taking place online right now due to Covid and our availability for in-person tutoring is extremely limited.   

Where To Find Us

We support over 14 of the surrounding northwest suburbs of Chicagoland and are expanding! In addition, we provide current educational and original educational articles and newsletters to keep parents and students informed of the happenings and changes in education today.

Why Choose Us

  • We provide customized lesson plans for each student
  • Our tutors/music instructors are highly qualified and experienced
  • We offer affordable rates
  • We offer flexible meeting times
  • We provide academic tutoring, test prep, and music instruction.
  • Results guaranteed or your money back.

Our Values


Tutor Selection

iAchieve Learning goes through an intensive hiring process in order to ensure that we have the highest caliber tutors and instructors to work with students. This involves an interview process, contacting at least 3 references and completing and passing a background check.

The majority of our current instructors are either current teachers or were teachers in the past but some of our instructors are professionals and experts in their given field of study. When we pair an instructor up with a student, we take into account the following information:

  1. Subject Needs
  2. Location
  3. Availability
  4. Personality
  5. Gender
  6. Past Experience

We strive very hard to create a perfect tutor-student match-up the first time but if you are not satisfied, then we will definitely find another instructor.

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