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Are you looking to provide your school and teachers with the most valuable professional development in order to improve their overall knowledge and skills?  Education is constantly changing and educators need support in learning the most innovative and comprehensive educational pedagogy in order to meet the needs of all students.

iAchieve Learning’s Professional Development Programs are for administrators, teachers and staff and can be designed for elementary school through high school.   We offer a wide range of programs and presentations to help maintain high standards of teaching and to further the growth of all educators.  Our programs will be customized to meet your school’s needs and contain educational topics related to pedagogy, curriculum design and assessment, technology, and social/emotional wellness.

iAchieve Learning provides day programs but also offers longer-term programs that will provide follow-up sessions in order to address teacher growth, data analysis, and support.  Please allow at least 4 weeks to book your workshop.   Contact us for additional information!

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Professional Development Programs

Administrators, Teachers and Staff

1. Essential Teaching Practices for the 21st Century

Our students live in an ever-changing world and educators are in the unique position to help guide students along the new-found territory.  This workshop will have educators review how they are integrating 21st century learning into their classrooms as well as:

  • Learn the two kinds of skills students need to thrive in the information age
  • Acquire instructional and assessment strategies you can use immediately
  • Teach students to analyze and use information, address complex problems and create mental models

2. Literacy in the Classroom

This workshop will work with educators to ensure they are using best practices across the curriculum for students to maximize literacy skills.  Some of the following areas of literacy will be addressed:

  • Main Idea Skills: Categorizing information and vocabulary, identifying main ideas at the paragraph level and identifying central ideas in lengthier text
  • Text structure knowledge at the sentence, paragraph and longer text levels
  • Summarizing: students synthesize main ideas from any content that is read, said and done
3. Aligning Instruction with Common Core Standards

This training will help educators define and understand Common Core Standards.  This workshop can be modified to work with certain content and staff members.  Generally, teachers will:

  • Identify the major shifts in Common Core when compared to current state standards
  • Explain the structure of Common Core
  • Describe ways in which instruction will change as a result of implementing the Common Core

Call/e mail to discuss how this workshop can be modified for your staff.
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4. Helping ELL Students Thrive

A large number of students come into classrooms with English as a second language.  The needs of these students vary widely and it is important to use strategies that will allow all of these students to thrive under the curriculum that is taught.  In this workshop, teachers will:

  • Learn about language development and how you can support it in any subject
  • Learn technique based in High Quality Sheltered Instruction (HQSI) that you can use to modify and enhance lessons for language learners
  • Work with a group to modify a current lesson plan to the needs of your language learners

Call/e mail to discuss how this workshop can be modified for your staff.

5. Technology in the Classroom

There is so much technology that can make a teacher’s classroom run more efficiently and effectively.  However, it can be a challenge to manage this technology in a productive manner.  In this workshop, teachers will:

  • Learn and set up classroom software, such as Edmodo or Google Classroom, that will allow them to manage their classrooms electronically
  • Identify technology that can be used today to enhance lessons in any subject
  • Add a technological element to an upcoming lesson plan
  • Learn methods of managing technology for all students for either 1:1 devices or a station of 4 computers

Call/e mail to discuss how this workshop can be modified for your staff.

6. Writing Across the Curriculum

Writing is extremely important for all teachers to teach.  In all classroom settings students will be engaging in some sort of writing activity and therefore, teachers should know how to teach the elements of effective writing.  In this workshop, teachers will:

  • Learn the elements of effective writing that flow across all subject areas
  • Develop a rubric that cold be used to grade writing in the classroom
  • Learn strategies to integrate both formal and informal writing into lessons
  • Leave with a lesson plan that has writing integrated into it

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7. Internet Safety

The internet offers students a myriad of information and resources.  With all of its wonder, it is important that students and teachers are informed of the potential areas of concern.  This workshop will take the time to review your existing school policies on student/staff internet use and address:

  • Digital Literacy and ethics
  • Inappropriate content
  • Cyberbullying
  • Sexting

And more!

8. Bully Proof Your Classroom

School communities play a central role in identifying and stopping bullying. iAchieve Learning understands this delicate topic and will work with your staff to examine your school climate and reflect on some of the following items:

  • What is bullying
  • How to identify bullies
  • Forms of bullying
  • Know your students
  • Understanding why kids bully
  • How to become objective and measurable to build consistency
  • How to create a proactive and motivation school environment

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9. How You Can Properly and Safely Teach Erin’s Law to Students in an Appropriate Way Workshop

You already know that you have to implement Erin’s Law in your school district. The difficult part is educating differently aged students on a sensitive topic that can be scary to kids and is very taboo to talk about. That’s where we come in. We help teach you and your staff how to properly and safely teach the law to students in an appropriate way so that everyone, including the parents has peace of mind.

Free copy of The Erin’s Law Solution Book by Victor Pacini

Schools and Students

1. Be Seen and Heard (Fulfilling the Erin’s Law mandate)

“Everyone has a story! My story is tragic on one hand but pretty amazing on the other. I was sexually abused at eight years old by a family friend. During that time I had to deal with an alcoholic father that told me time and time again that children should be seen and not heard. In 1999 my mom died at the age of 59. In 2001, I lost my sister to domestic violence. I DECIDED to CREATE out of my pain and help others do the same. I designed this program and others to empower children to create that confident voice, value that voice, and share that voice with their world.”

Overall goal of the Be Seen and Heard program for schools: to create a safe and engaging environment where children will learn about the dangers of abuse and the difference between safe and unsafe touch. A personal story of a boy’s experience with abuse and how he kept it a secret. The discussion of how unsafe secrets are not healthy to keep is an important theme to this program.  Finally, to empower children to have a voice in who they are, the confidence to speak up, and the awareness to recognize a potential dangerous situation.

Free copy of The Erin’s Law Solution Book by Victor Pacini

2. Victor’s Dreamshop

Where music, writing, and art come together to support your goals for students social-emotional health and learning.

Step 1. INSPIRE & CONNECT – The students take an active role as they are inspired with a high energy musical program that begins this unique process. (45 minute presentation)

Step 2. VISION & CREATE  – Students go through a process that allows them to create their dream/goal through a writing/art component.

Step 3.  CONFIDENCE & OPPORTUNITY – Their VOICE is Heard – The students proudly share their dream/goal with family and friends. Their artwork is projected on a screen behind them.

Free copy of the My Dreams eBook by Victor Pacini

3. Conversation Coaching

Words matter and the clearer we are with our communication, the more effective our outcomes. In this insightful workshop we’ll review lazy language habits that our students use (and let’s face it, we do too) and how these habits breed misunderstanding and poor conversation results. We’ll bring awareness to how our language brands us and then engage in ways to teach our students (and ourselves) how to show up the way we     want to be seen.

  • Learn about the Boldness Barometer and gain awareness of how we can sabotage our communication by shifting too far to either end of the boldness spectrum.
  • Explore the use of passive language: I wish I could have a cookie, is not a question. Learn how we can guide our students to be direct in their communication while also realizing how these same habits are holding us back as adults.
  • Explore how guilt trips, sarcasm and other poor communication habits minimize our leadership potential.
  • Walk away with concrete ideas you can employ immediately to fine tune your conversation habits and breed stronger outcomes.

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