Student Testimonials
“I can’t believe that my ACT score went from a 24 to a 28!  I never thought that I was going to be able to raise it up that much and the Online Test Prep Portal was so helpful.  My tutor made the material really easy to understand and she was so helpful and fun.” – student from Park Ridge

“I needed a tutor to help me with the ACT because I had never taken it before.  My tutor was so helpful and really prepared me for the ACT and I enjoyed all of the sessions we had.” – James

“I really enjoy having Sarah as my tutor. If I don’t understand a concept in Math she always takes time to explain it to me.  She has patience and a great sense of humor.  She is the best math tutor I have ever had.” – Abby

“I was in a math class that was very fast-paced and needed extra help to keep up. Ms. Kochan absolutely helped me get through the class. I couldn’t have done it without her help! – Anonymous

“I love my piano lessons!  I’ve already learned how to play 5 songs!” – student from Park Ridge

“I had never taken the SAT before and took a free practice SAT with iAchieve Learning at the library.  On my practice test I got a 1220 which I was pretty excited about.  I worked with a tutor for about 5 weeks and just took the real SAT for the first time and earned a 1470!  My tutor was very helpful and explained strategies that I didn’t know.” – student from Park Ridge

“My ACT tutor helped me improve my score by 5 points!  She was very helpful and made the lessons easy to understand.  I really loved the Online Test Prep Portal because I could tell right away if my answer was right or not and there’s a video solution for every single problem.” – Abby

“I was having a hard time understanding my math teacher’s style of teaching. Ms. Kochan completely helped me through it and it all made sense!” – Anonymous

“My tutor at iAchieve Learning really helped me prepare for the ACT.  I had taken the ACT once and after help from my tutor, my score improved by 4 points!” – Anonymous

“I really like working with my tutor.  He is very nice and he makes the lessons a lot of fun.  I’ve been doing much better in my class because of him.” – Anonymous

Parent Testimonials
“We highly recommend iAchieve learning! Our daughter, Sarah, struggles with Math and was placed with a teacher that did a great deal of independent learning which did not work well for her.  The tutor Sarah was amazing and really helped our Sarah gain the confidence and skills to succeed in Geometry! Sarah also tutored our Sarah for her first ACT this month and while we don’t know the results just yet, she went into the test with knowledge and confidence that really made those sessions worth it! “- Carrie

“We had our daughter take both a practice ACT and SAT at the Des Plaines Library and then worked closely with Sarah to get a plan set up for her test prep.The tutor that we had was so great and he taught our daughter so many different strategies to use to help increase her score.Over the course of 5 months, her score went up 7 points to a 30!Thank you so much for all of your help and guidance.” – Judy, parent from Park Ridge

“I’m so glad that my daughter has started piano lessons with iAchieve Learning.  She has been taking lessons for around 8 months now and completely loves it!  She’s also participated in 2 of iAchieve Learning’s music recitals and has really started building up her confidence.  I highly recommend iAchieve Learning for music lessons!” – Emily, parent

“Our daughter was preparing for the ACT exam this last fall, so we reached out to iAchieve for guidence. They matched us with an excellent tutor, communicated clearly and effectively, worked with our schedule and help her to increase her score from the initial test exam to her first ACT exam. The assistance received also helped her work on areas that were going to be covered later in the year – making it easier when the “new material” was presented. We highly recommend iAchieve to anyone looking to supplement learning or prepare for the SAT / ACT exams.” – Paul, parent

“My 5th son worked with a tutor during the summer to help enhance his math and reading skills and the tutor he was paired with did such a great job.  He learned a lot and had fun during the sessions at the library.” – Cathy, parent from Des Plaines

“We contacted iAchieve Learning for guitar lessons last year and my daughter absolutely loves the sessions and has grown so much.  She performed at the recital in the spring and is looking forward to the next upcoming recital.  Thanks for your help!” – Amy, parent from Park Ridge

“My son was really struggling with executive functioning skills and I just didn’t know what to do.  I would spend hours with him each week trying to organize his assignments which ended up in arguments in the long-run.  We hired an Academic Coach from iAchieve Learning and I cannot believe what a difference it has made!  My son now has a regular routine that he follows each week and he has not missed turning in an assignment in months!  Thank you!” – parent from Park Ridge

“My 7th grade son has really been struggling with math and we didn’t know where to turn.  One of my neighbors suggested contacting iAchieve Learning so that he can work with a tutor.  They were so helpful and accommodating and within the past couple of months his grade has really gone up.  He really enjoys the one-on-one sessions.”  – Mary, parent from Park Ridge

“I have a son who was having a hard time making the transition from elementary to middle school. He’s in the accelerated courses, but was getting lost with the added responsibility expected. By the time we figured it out, he had pulled a C- in math, which was probably a gift from the teacher. Not only was he falling behind in assignments, but now had missed some crucial learning. I looked for a tutor.  Sarah at iAchieve hooked us up with a weekly tutor. The tutor and my son hit it off (both bookish guys and fond of math theory). Before long, my son was caught up. Now he comprehends all the lessons and instead of almost getting kicked out of the accelerated program, he’s pulling a solid B, and may even pull off the A by the end of the year.
Sarah runs a tight ship, very professional. All around it was exactly what we needed to get the most out of our boy. Thanks!” – Mel, parent

“My daughter has been taking piano lessons with iAchieve Learning for a little over a year now.  She has progressed so much and her confidence is really building up.  She puts on little shows at home for the family and is getting very excited to perform in the spring recital!  We would highly recommend iAchieve Learning.” – Lisa, parent

“My daughter had taken the ACT once and didn’t get the score that she had hoped for.  I contacted iAchieve Learning and signed my daughter up for one of their test prep packages.  I was so impressed by how much knowledge the tutor had and how much progress she made after working with the tutor and having access to the Online Test Prep Portal.  Her score increased from a 22 to a 27!” – Barb, parent

“My son has been taking guitar lessons for a couple of months now and he’s really enjoying it!  Every morning when he wakes up, the first thing he does is play his guitar.  I’m so happy that we found a great instructor for him and that is having so much fun with it.” – Rita, parent

“My son started off 5th grade with a 2nd grade reading level.  I was at a loss as to how to help him.  I contacted iAchieve Learning and we now have a tutor that meets with him twice a week.  His reading level has increased tremendously and he’s actually enjoying reading now!” – Jenny, parent

“I cannot tell you enough how grateful and lucky we are to have Cathy in our lives.  She is one in a million! She actually came to my daughter’s IEP meeting this morning to participate and weigh in. She goes over and beyond because she cares so much. I just wanted to share with you how appreciative my family is about Cathy. She is simply the best!” – Georgia

“My son absolutely loves his guitar lessons each week and he won’t stop talking about them.  His music teacher has taught him some great exercises and I can already see how much he has progressed.  I’ve also noticed that he’s more focused now then he used to be when studying and completing his homework.” – John, parent

“We signed my daughter up for ACT prep with iAchieve Learning and it was such a great experience.  The materials that they provide are so helpful and the tutor was able to help my daughter’s initial ACT score increase 5 points!  She’s now getting into the college that she wanted to and we couldn’t be more grateful.” – Kathy

“My daughter was struggling in her Geometry class and we were at a loss.  I was referred to iAchieve Learning and my daughter has been working with her math tutor each week for about a month now.  Her grade has gone up tremendously and she has such a better understanding of the material.  Thanks for all you do!” – Stephanie

“Our high school daughter was having a hard time with organization and time-management and this was unfortunately causing her grades to go downhill.  She always procrastinated with breaking down larger projects and papers and would experience a lot of stress and anxiety and either not do the assignment or turn it in late.  The Academic Coach she was paired up with at iAchieve Learning taught her how to break things down into manageable chunks and she received two A’s on her last two major projects!” – parent from Des Plaines

“iAchieve Learning, along with Ms. Sarah Kochan, helped my daughter raise her ACT score 4 points in a very short amount of time. It was crucial that my daughter accomplish this incredible task, and Ms. Kochan was an outstanding tutor, mentor and friend through a difficult time…not to mention her biggest cheerleader. iAchieve Learning’s ACT prep program is great and I would absolutely recommend it to any student that needs a lot of ACT help, or even just a boost to get those extra points!!!” – Teresa

“The tutor that my daughter had for SAT prep was the greatest!  She was very thorough and patient with my daughter and we loved the detailed score reports from the practice tests that she took.  Everything was very organized and my daughter received a 1450 on the SAT!” – Joan

“My 8 year old son starting taking guitar lessons from iAchieve Learning about 5 months ago.  The guitar teacher is great and we are so thankful with how patient he is and how much he’s already taught my son.  Thank you!” – Tammy

“My son has been taking piano lessons for about 4 months now and that is all he wants to do!  He has already learned so much from his piano teacher and really looks forward to his lessons each week.  I love listening to the progress he’s making.”
– Sandy, parent

“I contacted iAchieve Learning in regards to my daughters reading. We were concerned with her speed and comprehension. We were set up with Cathy and she was fantastic. She was so patient and encouraging. Cathy was always very clear on how each tutoring session went. She explained my daughters comprehension of the stories read and the speed she was at. Cathy also gave us tips and ideas to do at home. I highly recommend iAchieve Learning to anyone. Every encounter was so productive and warm. My daughter’s confidence has soared and I believe iAchieve Learning had everything to do with it.” – Lori

“My son absolutely loves his piano lessons each week.  He just started working with iAchieve Learning a couple of months ago and he’s learned so much!  Thank you!” – Amy

“I have two kids, a 2nd grader and a 4th grader and both of them absolutely loved the tutor they worked with.  She was very patient and helped them with their math and reading skills.  I can’t believe how fast we saw the results!  Thank you so much iAchieve Learning.” – Mary

“Anna’s been tutoring our daughter and has really improved her overall confidence! Thanks, iAchieve!” – Michelle

“My 9 year old daughter has been having a really hard time with both math and reading and I was concerned about her falling behind over the summer.  We contacted iAchieve Learning and signed her up for one of the Summer Packages and I so thankful for the help and great progress that she made!”
– Pam

“I contacted I Achieve Learning over a year ago to find a math tutor for my daughter who was entering the eighth-grade double accelerated math program.  Vanessa had worked with different tutors from other tutoring agencies, but iAchieve Learning exceeded her and our expectations.  The quality of the tutoring is exceptional! Therefore, we hired a math tutor for our younger daughter. Both tutors have worked hard and kept both of our daughters engaged in learning. At the same time our daughters have had a wonderful experience and amazing test results.  We are thankful to have the help from iAchieve Learning. When we think about our daughter’s education, we don’t worry because we know they will be well prepared for their ACT and other tests.” – Parents of a freshman at Glenbrook South High School and 6th grader at Field Middle School

“When I was placed with a teacher for Geometry that really didn’t teach the units, I thought I would never be able to get a good grade. Sarah worked with me every week and basically taught me each unit and helped me achieve a B!  She is very good at explaining things so that I can understand them easily!” – Sarah

“Our Language Arts tutor, Cathy, was phenomenal. She and my 11 year-old son developed a wonderful relationship of mutual respect and care. Cathy is professional, pleasant and invested in our child’s learning process. I highly recommend her.” – Tamara

“Math has never been my son’s strongest subject.  He gets very anxious during exams, tends to draw a blank, and gets low scores.  We now have him working with a tutor twice a week and his confidence and grades have really gone up.  His grade was a D and now it’s already at a B!” – Tony

“As a parent of 2 high school students, I have learned that sometimes your child needs just a little boost in a certain class…especially around final exam time! Sarah Kochan helped both of my children throughout the school year in different math classes, along with finals. She is very bright, patient, and extremely professional. Ms. Kochan was a huge help to us and I would absolutely recommend her.” – Teresa

“My son who is 8, started taking guitar lessons a couple of months ago.  The progress he’s already made is unbelievable and it’s his favorite thing to do now!” – Robin

“I was hesitant about getting a tutor for my son at first.  He has really been enjoying his sessions with his tutor and actually looks forward to them now.  I can’t believe how big of a difference it has made.” – Ann

“My daughter was really struggling with reading and we were worried about her progress in school.  I can’t tell you how happy I am with the tutor she’s working with from iAchieve Learning!  My daughter meets with the tutor weekly and she has improved a lot in reading over the past couple of weeks!” – Dawn

“My son and daughter love their guitar teacher!  They both look forward to their lessons each week and have improved so much over the past couple of months.” – Michelle

“We were very concerned with my daughter’s initial ACT score and needed to get some outside assistance.  I was referred to iAchieve Learning from another family and I’m so glad that we found them!  Sarah walked us through the entire test prep process and helped us pick out a package that would meet my daughter’s needs.  The tutor that she worked with was so fanatastic and he taught her a bunch of strategies that actually worked!  My daughter ended up scoring above her goal score and got a 30!  We couldn’t be more pleased.” – Francesca, parent

“What a difference tutoring has made for my kids!  We have two children, one in high school and one in middle school that get tutoring once per week.  Both of our kids have gained a lot of confidence and their test scores have really gone up from what they were at the beginning of the year.” – Julie

“We hired a tutor for my 10 year old son and she works with him on both reading and writing, phonics, comprehension, sentence writing, punctuation, grammar and penmanship.  My son was hesitant at first but his tutor has been extremely patient, fun and supportive.  It’s a great fit!” – Sharon

“My daughter has always loved to sing and she’s very interested in getting involved at the musicals at her school.  One of my friends recommended getting her a vocal instructor.  Her vocal  instructor from iAchieve Learning is absolutely wonderful!” – Tammy

“Sarah Kochan has a special combination of thorough subject knowledge, patience with the student, and an ability to convey the material in a clear and non-confusing manner, which consistently resulted in solid understanding and positive test performance results in our daughter.” – James

“I would absolutely recommend the tutors at iAchieve Learning for ACT prep.  The tutor that worked with my daughter was very knowledgable and helped her with test taking strategies and prepared her very well to take the ACT.  We were very pleased with her results on the ACT!” – John

“My son is in 3rd grade and was really struggling with reading.  We had a tutor from iAchieve Learning work with him twice a week and the improvement was remarkable.  I am so thankful for the help he received and I would highly recommend the tutors at iAchieve Learning.” – Linda

“I would highly recommend the ACT tutors at iAchieve Learning.  This was my child’s first time taking the ACT and I wasn’t sure what to expect.  iAchieve Learning was able to develop a regular schedule for my daughter to meet with her tutor for ACT help and we even got an ACT book with the package that we chose.  When my daughter took the ACT in September she felt very prepared and got a great score for her first time.” – Joyce

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