Mary Tuck


Inspiring young minds is one of the things I enjoy doing most! Technology (and retirement) makes it possible!

Tutoring is absolutely student-centered teaching. My goals and objectives as a tutor are to encourage competency through utilizing transformational learning techniques, inspiring lifelong learning, and creating opportunities for critical thinking. A tutor guides their student to both learn about the subject and in the process, to learn how to learn.  A good guide is someone who has a rich history of experience to draw from and proven delivery methods. Teaching for me is an extension of my stewardship and systems mindset. I teach with respect and dignity and have done so collectively for over a decade.

I love education and am a lifelong learner myself. I enjoyed many years in academic research and fieldwork in Ethnomusicology, decades in professional audio recording, broadcast and sound reinforcement plus developing arts organizations. I was invited to be a founding member of the Business Honor Society at Baldwin-Wallace University for my ability to integrate systems theory methodology (everything relates to everything else) with an understanding of culture, to create successful market strategies in the Arts. One of those successes earned recognition as cultural event of the year in Northern Ohio Live Magazine. I excelled in Business Cycles, Forecasting and Critical Path Management.

I love physics and the natural environment. I combined my many interests in becoming the first Executive Director for River Run Arts-Earth Study Camp, a two-week residential summer experience for children in grades 6-9, held in a National Park. I administered the development of an innovative curriculum integrating the arts and sciences. Kids loved the program and later it became a model for the National Park System.

Previous to my business/academic research, I performed on classical guitar, music from the renaissance to new music and old-time styles on banjo at friendly gatherings. Today, I teach classical guitar from my home and remotely. I enjoy traveling throughout the world and have become a gourmet cook! In my youth, I grew up in a household full of engineers as my father worked at NASA. I currently live in Ohio and am very proud of my daughter who is completing her first year at Yale.

Tutoring Subjects:

Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Business Math, Computer Science, Sociology, Physics, Chemistry, Geology, Paleontology, Geography, US and World History, Government, Economics, English Language Arts, Classical Guitar, Music Theory and Composition, J. S. Bach interpretation


Master’s Degree in Business (Systems Management) from Baldwin-Wallace University
Master’s level research and fieldwork in Ethnomusicology at Kent State University, the Smithsonian Institute, the Library of Congress, University of Ghent (Belgium), University of Southern Denmark, University of Western Ontario King’s College, and CIIS (California)
Bachelor of Music in Classical Guitar Performance from Kent State University. Classical Guitar instruction received from Gilbert Biberian, George Bachmann, and Christoph Harlan
Associate’s from Cuyahoga Community College with a Certificate in Arts Management
Reggio-based Early Childhood Education 1,000 observation hours
Advanced TEFL Certification (plus online instruction techniques) from TEFL Fullcircle
FCC Broadcast License and Broadcast Engineering (NPR, APR, IPR)

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